Democracy, to do what, and what are we doing?

We have not been educated about democratic character.

Democracy has to be revived. It has to be refined.

We believe that we have got independence/freedom (since 1947).

We believe that we are a democracy.

Before the elections, the delegates of the public offices tell the people that “We/you are going to make government, and make someone prime-minister / chief-minister” – and that’s where the process of falsification begins, because we do not decide who/what forms the government and who becomes the prime/chief-minister.

We vote for our local body members, and they are the ones that go to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha – and based on multiple factors vote further for prime/chief-minister and president (representing us, the people of India, since we have elected those members of parliament that take the decision of picking the person representing the roles of prime-minister and president).

This process of voting for prime-minister(omitting the president, because as per India’s constitution, the president is not having any real power) begins days/weeks after the public elections, and there are multiple nominees (sometimes from a single party).

So the lie that we are fed through pre-election rallies and promotions, representing an individual or a group of individuals that would form the “government” is such an inappropriate way of feeding misinformation to the voters that it is mostly accepted as the truth by the vast majority of uneducated and uninformed population.

The MLAs that we choose are not attending many sittings in the parliament, neither the central government’s and nor state government’s.
They(MLAs) are not doing their job – and no-one is asking questions to the very people (the MLAs) that are selected based on votes of people of their region.

If the people of the region of the MLA are not asking questions, then there are no questions for the MLA to be asked further during the parliamentary sittings (and this is a Happy state for the MLAs, but probably not for the people around him).

We, as the citizens of India, have a certain responsibility that we are failing to ascertain if the democracy is being run like it should be.
We have the right to throw away the people who are not working for us.
Start with the MLAs,
Stop cribbing about “bad governance”, start realising about the “bad choices” that you took when you give power to the people responsible for today.

Yes, we cannot see into the future, we can not foresee what kind of government will be formed (single-party, collation) or who would become which minister, but we can surely re-visit the past and see the patterns and train our mind to look for signs of of false-promises, lies, manipulations that were conducted and try to map these to any further speeches/interviews.

An application perhaps to help us make these decisions would be awesome – and probably that’s a brilliant idea for an app.

Logging off, after realising that I went completely off-topic and did not expanded the “democratic character” – more on this some day, soon.