Light is back!

I have been trying dark themes on almost everything – phone (Android dark mode), apps-on-the-phone (Twitter, Slack etc), desktop (Ubuntu dark theme), Opera, Chrome, Terminal, VScode (for code) and what not…

And all this starts from a simple concept – dark mode looks good, really good.

Unfortunately, the one thing that I have not been able to move to a “comfortable” dark mode is “NetBeans” – the flawed editor I used (for more than a decade) and feel so natural and comfortable in working in it.

As an alternate to NetBeans, I got VScode/sublime and what not – for whatever small amount of time that I could work on those, and while those are great in their fields, but I was just not able to find the joy and comfort that I had while using NetBeans.

I tried a lot – to make NetBeans dark (using a lot of plugins/options/settings) and also to adapt VScode – but it didn’t seem to work as I hoped/expected.

In the background of thoughts trying to focus on the actual work/task that I was supposed to do, I have been thinking constantly about NetBeans/VScode/dark-mode…

All this background noise was becoming more loud with every passing day and today I decided to shut that noise and go back to “light” mode, discarding all dark-mode settings and the conflict/noise just vanished.

“Light is back” – let’s get back to work and get shit done.