Unfair and unrealistic expectations

It is an unfair and unrealistic expectation to put on ourselves that every day at work, at home, with our spouse, with our friends would be spectacular or fulfilling.

There will be days that are “routine”.

We get up, and are not so mindful of the day, drag ourself to start the day, have a lazy breakfast (or skip it, and have a cup of tea, or just coffee at the office – or wherever we go).

We proceed with the day, do whatever we are supposed to do – and may be with less of a heart – but we get it done.

Wait for the day to end, and then just end it.

There would be days that are bad, and we don’t like the way things are going. That could be multiple days in a row, but not every day.

You could not be happy every day, but you can still be full of joy. It’s a choice that you make.

You don’t have to like every day, but you love every day.

You don’t have to like your children every day, but you love them every day.


Sometimes the work (or business/organization) is not designed to take care of our happiness/joy.

But sometimes(actually, most of the time), it is us – We are making ourself unhappy.

WE consider ourself victims – due to organization structure, the tasks, the vision/mission, some policies and what not.

What we fail to do (and process) is to see what the motive and intent of the organization is and what pain is being taken to make us more happy.

It is (also) problem with most organizations that they fail to let us know what they are doing. Writing an aweomse vision/mission statement and creating great-sounding OKRs does not guarantees that we understand what it means and how we connect with those objective, and instead the focus is on achieving the “Metrics” for the key results.

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