Full Stack Developer?

I believe there is a misconception in the title “Full Stack Developer” and this sets very wrong expectations for the developer and for the hiring organization as well.

A full stack developer should, potentially, take care of 4 key areas :

  1. Business analysis
    1. Client-interaction
    2. Documenting the understanding
    3. Creating FRD/DFD (and a lot more, probably)
  2. Designing
    1. Creating initial draft
    2. Wire-framing
    3. Prototyping (and more)
  3. Development
    1. Back-end coding(PHP, Java, Node.JS, .Net etc)
    2. Database
    3. Frameworks
    4. Algorithms
    5. APIs
    6. OOPs (and everything else programming)
  4. Deployment
    1. Server management
    2. Backups
    3. Logging
    4. Performance monitoring
    5. Debugging (and potentially a lot of other stuff, including, but not limited to Cloud/pipelines/CI/CD)


And these are just the high level bullet points on top of my head.

So, when I read a post on LinkedIn saying “Required Full Stack Developer having 3-5 years of experience” – that is straight away “A” class bullshit.

Do you, as a recruiter, seriously think there would be a someone who has worked for “3-5” years and is a “Full Stack Developer”?

Do you, as a developer, want to join the company that has no clue what a “Full Stack Developer” is?

There used to be a really old TV ad promoting education-for-all (from 90’s may be) that used to have a line in Hindi that roughly translates to “You work hard, but you also need to learn/educate yourself” (पढ़ना लिखना सीखो, ओ मेहनत करने वालो) – and this was reminded/said to me by Mr. Rajat Julka (of TrantorInc. Chandigarh) – which is aptly applicable in this scenario as well.

Developers should know what they are : Full Stack Developer, or someone who knows more than 1 programming language?